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Who is the face behind Naya?

I’m Evie, the founder of Naya Bridal. Lets make bridal fun! Having been in the industry for years, I’ve met many engaged people that are going through all the stresses of planning a wedding. Let me take the burden away from you when it comes to what you’re going to wear. I have a very laid back and personal approach when it comes to helping your journey. Whether that’s creating you a custom style, or altering your already purchased style, I’m here to help from start to finish.

After my degree in Fashion Design I went straight into working for a fashion brand as a designer. I soon realised the importance of knowing where your clothes come from, and whether sustainability has been a factor in making these clothes. When it comes to your bridal look, knowing that your wedding dress was made locally and sourced ethically is more meaningful than ever.

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My Sustainability Story

During lockdown and being on furlough from my bridal consultancy job, it dawned on me how much I really missed sewing and creating. I had recently made my first commissioned wedding gown and after seeing the bride walk down the aisle, I knew I wanted to keep creating bridal styles for as long as I possibly can.

I began with a handful of dresses I bought from my local charity shop, and got creative. Since then, I’ve continued to keep the passion of minimal waste and ethical sourcing at the heart of the brand.

Designing bridal wear has always been a dream of mine, so why can’t we make it sustainable too?
Imagine how many wedding dresses are stuck in attics never to be worn again. I source pre-loved dresses and fabrics, and remake them into contemporary styles, sewing every piece myself. Doing this means I can create modern wedding looks at affordable prices, but most importantly, each style has a story, and has been made with sustainability in mind. Every look is a one-off style that has been thoughtfully developed throughout a long process of deconstructing and rebuilding.
Consideration is given throughout as to where the fabrics come from and how much waste is accumulated along the way.
The service of creating a custom gown means these dresses aren’t made in bulk, and the fabrics sourced are controlled and considered. Using clever pattern cutting techniques, this reduces excess fabric going to waste.

Follow our Instagram for updates about new gowns and how to go about designing your own wedding dress - @Nayabridal

Did someone say Alterations? We also offer an alteration service! If you need a pinch or tuck on your gown head to our Alterations Pagefor all the details.

(Disclaimer: Due to the dresses being remade from pre-loved gowns, this means these dresses have character.
The fabrics aren’t brand new from a factory, and therefor have small imperfections such as little pulls.)


Who is the face behind Naya?

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